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November 8, 2013
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DmC: Just a Lady by Iynai DmC: Just a Lady by Iynai
I feel horrid that I haven't done much via art but I've done quiet a bit with cosplay in recent months. I made three 'base' cosplays (meaning I only did the clothes, no props, accessories, nothing) earlier this year. One being Ironette, the other was a version of Yoko from Gurren Lagann and the third was Lady from DMC4, all made on impulse. 

I completed Lady within a month give or take. The jacket is lined and the collar has hand embroidery along it which took 8 hours total to do (for my first time embroidering something, I'm pretty happy about it!). The fabric was harder to find since I needed white, pinstripe. I found some but unfortunately, much like the embroidery, it doesn't appear in the picture and possibly may not appear in other pictures. But if you ever see me, pop on over and you'll see there are stripes on it!

For two weeks I worked solely on the belt (all held together with hot glue to save a little bit of sanity) and accessories (harness, leg belts). There is interfacing on the larger sides so that the belt remains light since it's mainly compiled of heavier material. Everything is a pleather type of material and the pockets were made from craft foam then the material was hot glued on piece by piece. The top is even hot glued so the piece is very delicate but it's also very, very stable since I'm quite careful with where I put my butt.

The gun took a solid week of blood and tears. It's made out of hot glue, craft foam, mailing tubes and cardboard. It can be easily taken apart for transportation and there are bits of thick foam inside that helps support the two dowels in the prop. One is permanently attached to the bottom and the other can slide in next to it so it can support the top. I also took a toy assault gun, cut off the pistol handle and side handle to make the process easier and help make it look a bit more realistic. It's honestly not a heavy prop at all. It's so light I can literally lift it over my head (I used it as a beacon at one point during Saboten to find friends. ehehe;;; ).

Wefts were added to the wig to give it needed volume in the front the night before this costumes debut to Saboten. I hastily figured out how to make wefts and did a shoddy job with what little tools I brought that actually worked (I'm still surprised).

I absolutely love this cosplay, though! It took a lot of hard work and I plan on re-doing the gun again so that it's not as skinnymini and to correct errors I made during the process but I'm really proud of the hard work I did on it. It's the first major prop I've done since I was 16 but I'm really glad that I did it! 

I originally made Lady because the new DMC had just come out and I was angry. I have a rule to never buy games unless they're 20$ so I wasn't going to buy the game for another year. Instead, I decided to not spend 60$ on the game but spend more than 60$ on a costume (my logic is best). I have honestly never played past DMC1 (fuck that spider. Yeah, I'm all the way at the beginning because I play on HARD MODE WUSSUP. I also played a bit of DMC4 but again, stopped at the beginning sobs) but I did it in tribute and respect for the characters. I know some of them, not all but I'm always telling myself 'remember to play this game.' Making this has made me meet DMC fans and has encouraged me to play and beat one game (my winter goal this year). But all those Dantes I keep meeting at cons, you guys are wonderful! I hope to meet a lot more DMC fans in the future! ' a'!!!

Photographer - Obiwanivan
Devil May Cry ęCapcom

I have that same rule for game buying.  I break it often.

That gun turned out very nice. <3
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